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Christ Centered Self Care: Andy Forbeck

Join Mendy as she interviews Andy Forbeck, a counseling graduate student and mens’s ministry leader. Andy shares the definition of self-care. He profoundly explains the difference between relief and restoration. He urges Christians to allow their…

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Should Christians Do Yoga?

Mendy shares why yoga is not congruent with the teachings found in God’s word about meditation. She also points out how deeply rooted yoga is in the the Hindu religion and culture. Then, she shares her own journey practicing yoga but eventually…

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Living a Gospel Centered Healthy Lifestyle

Join Mendy as she shares why the rename, rebrand, and new direction for the podcast. Then listen as she explains and defines what is it like to live a Gospel Centered Healthy Lifestyle. Lastly, grab some awesome practical tips on how to implement a…

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Episode 13: You are worth it to Jesus

Mendy shares how the “I am worthy” messages of the world are a bit misleading to the Christian women who is ready to do the big things God has been asking her to do. Listen and hear the redeeming truth of God’s word. Listen and get ready to do the…

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