Hi, i'm Mendy!

Gym Owner turned Body Love Advocate

Have you ever hit rock bottom, and reached that empty place where you have nothing left but to cry out to God?  That was me at 39, I had hogged the spotlight as a gym owner and trainer for too long, yet secretly I was binge eating ice cream to deal with emotional pain of our adoption.  I knew God was calling me to something boldly different, a holistic ministry for women teaching them God’s idea of health and fitness.  

For years I had clung to my need for control, proving my worth, and striving to look good to our culture, but it eventually broke me.  It took the shattering of my fragile world to recognize my deep need and dependance on God. I finally listened to the passion that had been stirring in me for years, and sold my business to pursue the mission I knew God was calling me to.

As a former fitness business owner and personal trainer, I now want women to see themselves through the eyes of Christ instead of what the fitness industry projects. I’m on a mission to help women see that God doesn’t care about your love handles, he wants you to live a healthy, joy-filled life! Keeping a healthy body is bigger than you, it is part of God’s grand purpose. Healthy people have able bodies that can serve without limitations.  God wants us all to understand that healthy living begins with Him, not with washboard abs!

I am an energetic and crazy mother to 5 teens who came to our family through birth and adoption, and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years. I have a BA in Marriage and Family Counseling and a minor in Religious Studies from Oklahoma Baptist University. I am currently working toward a master’s degree in Christian Marriage and Family Counseling at Mid-America Nazarene University.  

In addition to healthy living, I’m passionate about advocating for orphans, non-profits, and pro-life clinics. I enjoy coaching women through the Gospel Centered Health Program and Podcast.  

Please reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

Mendy Live

Looking for a Dynamic Speaker?

Over the past 14 years Mendy has spoken at various events including Christian Women’s events, Fitness seminars, and MOPS groups. During her fitness career she spoke regularly on her hometown news segments. 

Her dynamic and outgoing personality is inviting. She’s relatable, funny, and sincerely raw. 

Mendy’s passion for helping women break free from the world’s expectations is inspiring. Because she passionately lives out James 1:27, she enjoys encouraging God’s people to step out of their comfort zones and intentionally serve those in need. 

Invite Mendy to speak at your next women’s retreat by simply emailing mendy@gospelcenteredhealth.com

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